Moving is a stressful time to be sure.  We want to be able to refund your security deposit in full and we hope these instructions will make that happen.

When you signed the lease agreement, you committed to return the dwelling undamaged and in a clean, ready to rent condition.  If you will do that, the security deposit will be returned within thirty days of the day you vacate.  We will make an inspection of the property and let you know of any issues within three days of vacating.

The following, in particular, should be considered to help insure a full refund:

  • “Clean and ready to rent” means as clean as you would leave your dwelling if you knew your best friend or your favorite aunt were going to move in after you.  Some things you should consider when cleaning:
    • appliances, stove hood, and cabinets (under sinks, too) both inside and out;
    • use an appropriate cleanser on the showers, tubs, sinks, toilets, mirrors, and medicine cabinets (inside as well);
    • dust the ceilings (for cobwebs), walls and baseboards, window sills and closet shelving;
    • dust the venetian blinds with a duster;
    • wash the kitchen and bathroom walls and spot clean the walls in other rooms;
    • vacuum the floors;  scrub the floor tile or linoleum;
    • sweep the entry, patio, porch, and/or garage or storage areas;  remove all personal belongings from the property.
    • all yard work should be completed up until move out (grass cut, bushes trimmed, etc.)
  • “Undamaged condition” means that items that have been supplied (including light bulbs) will not be missing or broken;  that there should be no new burns, cracks, chips, or holes in the dwelling or its furnishings.  Please try to avoid nicking the paint in the halls or doorways as you move out.
  • Picture hanging holes? Small nail holes in the walls from pictures is not a problem and not considered damage.  However, holes created from other, larger things like drywall anchors, bolts or adhesive that leaves  the drywall damaged may be charged.  This is due to the fact there is additional drywall patching and further necessitates re-painting.
  • Don’t forget: leave any items that go with the house: garage door openers, fire extinguishers, plug-in monitors, etc.
  • No garbage left behind: make sure your garbage service picks up at least until your move out date and make sure they will pick up whatever you leave.  Don’t forget to clear attic, closets, etc. of any garbage or personal items.  Any items/trash left can quickly incur a dumpster fee as we have no other way of disposing of it.

Some guidelines on charges if these lease responsibilities are not handled:

  • Professional cleaning – $400-600
  • One-time yard service – $100-$300
  • Indoor bulbs – $5/per; flood lights – $10/per
  • Garage remote – $50/per
  • Window screens – $75/per
  • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide alarm – $100
  • Trash/personal items removal (dumpster) – $500