Please reach out if you’re interested in renting. This the first step in the application process (a pre-application) and is a required initial step to rent with us.

  • Previous bankruptcy NOT a disqualifier
  • Income: Gross income > 3.5 times rent
  • Employment: At least two years in same line of work
  • Last Residence: At least two years at current/previous residence
  • Number of occupants cannot exceed number of bedrooms + 1
  • No smoking – no exceptions
  • All information given must be verifiable – no exceptions
  • Month-to-month (or 1-year option upon qualification)
  • Rent due on 1st, late after 5th
  • No water-filled furniture
  • Lawn care option – add $95/month
  • All utilities responsibility of Tenant
  • Landlord does not rent refrigerator
  • Landlord provides annual termite service; general pest control  is responsibility of Tenant
  1. Meet in person
  2. Complete an application (with application fee)
  3. Get photocopy of drivers license
  4. Have background check completed
  5. Sign lease
  6. Have secured funds of at least Security Deposit
  7. Move in and complete a property inspection form